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Another World II

For this project I modeled the Painting “Another World II” by M.C. Escher. This project was very difficult to complete because I kept running into problems everywhere. As you can see in the final animation, some of the materials turned red and black. I have no idea why it did this. It didn’t turn out as well as I had hoped, but I had a deadline and did the very best I could.

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Chess Board

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The purpose of this project was  to capture still images in Maya that look like it would have been taken though a camera. I experimented with different angles of the camera, the lighting effects and angles, and the field of view to get the desired effects and to make it as photo-realistic as possible.

The first of these images shows the pieces set up before the game actually begins. It’s supposed to give you a sense like they are getting ready to do battle.

In the second image I had a lot of trouble rendering the motion blur. It shows the white Queen defeating the black King.

The third image show a Kight that has been killed by the king. I wanted it to give the sense of total defeat. I wanted  to make it look like the black King is coming out of the shadows while the white Kight sits there helpless.

The forth image I wanted to get a picture of the whole board from a completely different point of view. I captured the rest of the board off  a reflection of one of the black Pawns. The lighting effects in this picture was also the most difficult of the four images .

I took an image off of and used it to create these chess pieces in 3D with Maya.





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